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  • Kelley McManus

Are you professional?

I’m from an era where going to work every day meant the dress code was wearing a suit and tie, dress/skirt, pantyhose (ask the elders in your family what they are 😊) and heels. This wasn’t expected, this was the “rule.”

When I moved into being a supervisor (also not really a thing anymore) I had to send someone home because they weren’t wearing the above-mentioned pantyhose with their skirt. Folks, this was the norm back then! If anyone ever appeared to work in something other than the protocol spelled out in the employee handbook, you were sent home to change.

It truly was less about the value you brought to your team and rather the appearance you gave, and trust me, plenty of people I worked with looked the part, but certainly didn’t hold up their end of the quality of work!

Fast forward to where we are today…technology is now allowing us to work from where ever we would like. As I write this, I’m sitting in my camper in Lincoln, Nebraska on our way to Ennis, Montana. I’m still putting in my 8 hour days (HA, try again more like 10 hour days, but hey we’ll go with it!), and YES, I am a professional. Everyone on our Uplift team is in different situations right now.

Some are working from home, some from the office, some with their family running around while working (both 2 legged and 4 legged!) We are wearing shorts, t-shirts, jeans, tennis shoes, flip flops, hats, could even be a pair of pajamas here and there.

Overall, DEFINITELY not professional in appearance according to my 1980’s work environment. But let me tell you, I work with the most professional, hard-working, unbelievably skilled, gifted and thoughtful people. We ARE professional, we build professional products that are used by professional people who are NOT wearing suits, ties, dresses and PANTYHOSE!

So, I have to thank technology for giving us the ability to be professionals from anywhere; COVID – for forcing the issue, and this team for being the definition of Professional! And of course, to Professional Project Partners, for keeping the word in our company and supporting the new definition with Uplift Delivery.

Meet this team that make us who we are; we might be a little goofy, fun, quirky, and some might say weird; but still - PROFESSIONAL!



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