Our Uplift Summer Internship is Underway!

An Uplift internship presents a unique opportunity for us, students, and our clients. Our interns work closely with our Senior Engineering team to start from a place of best practices. At Uplift we emphasize constant learning and all of our team members are passionate about growing talented software engineers. We have found that the best way for engineers to gain deeper understanding is through helping another learn, and this program provides an opportunity for Uplift and client engineers. Our learning partnership with the interns allows our clients the opportunity to hire well vetted and ready to contribute software engineers at a competitive market salary. The benefit to our Uplift team is the chance to help another software engineer get a great start to their career. We are so excited about the interns that we have with us this summer, and they are already off to a great start. Learn a bit about each of them below.

(Left to right: Alex Barloon, Peter Walkwitz, Finely Blakeman)

Alex Barloon

School/Year: I'm an incoming sophomore at The University of Iowa

Major: Computer Science

Why did you choose to do the Uplift internship? I joined Uplift because of the variety of things I am working on. I think this is a great opportunity to learn new languages and figure out how systems interact in the professional world.

What do you enjoy doing? I like discovering new music, petting dogs, working out, and eating at new places.

Peter Walkwitz:

School/year: Graduated this year Major: Math and Computer Science Why did you choose to do the Uplift internship? It looked like a wonderful and very friendly work environment where I could also learn the real world skills to being a developer. What do you enjoy doing? I enjoy pretty much everything, soccer, tennis, volleyball, rollerblading, reading, playing video games especially with friends, food, volunteering and pretty much anything!

Finley Blakeman:

School/year: Im a senior at Drake University Major: Computer Science Why did you choose to do the Uplift internship? I liked the atmosphere of Uplift's team. What do you enjoy doing? Hanging out with my dog and playing board games.

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