Uplift. What is a Delivery Lead?

Updated: Sep 14

We often get asked ‘What does Uplift do?

What we do is simple. Our team becomes part of yours. Our Delivery Leads, Engineers and Designers work with your team through each corner and crevice an engagement brings. The result is success for all. And just like your parents used to tell you - leave it better than you found it. Simply put - that’s what we do - we Uplift.

The typical next question is ‘What is a Delivery Lead?

Here’s how our very own Amy Hughes, Director of Delivery, answers this question...

When you take the best traits of a project manager, scrum master, account manager, and coach, you’ll get what we, at Uplift, like to call a Delivery Lead. Delivery Leads (DL’s) are true consultants who own the overall health and success of an engagement. Having a DL on the team allows designers and engineers to spend more of their time on what they do best … designing and engineering ... while still providing stakeholders with desired updates and metrics.

DL’s apply their years of expertise to create experiences that help teams minimize waste, tighten feedback loops, resolve conflict effectively, create shared understanding and alignment, and see things from a much-needed 10,000-foot perspective. DL’s also ensure the team takes time to reflect and hone in on changes that will result in even greater value creation.

Most importantly, DL’s ensure the people on their teams are happy and engaged in the work they’re doing. At Uplift we pride ourselves in putting our team members’ delight first. Doing this has resulted in off-the-charts client delight, and to us, it’s just the right thing to do!

Delivery Leads are dedicated to their team’s and client’s overall success. Their responsibilities encompass managing business value, establishing and maintaining professional relationships with clients and stakeholders, and leading multi-functional project teams. Delivery Leadership entails everything from writing user stories all the way up to having conversations with C-level folks to help translate the team-level details into the client’s bigger picture.

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