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Legit Internships

Show up with questions. Eager to learn. Courage to challenge your ideas. Sound like fun to you? 

​Why Intern at Uplift?


We focus on creating environments that promote learning and growth for both our team members and our clients. Interns that work with us will have the chance to work closely with a group of consultants with experience in many industries including healthcare, agriculture, construction, insurance, finance, etc. Our team is also made up of designers, developers, delivery leads, and user experience experts. If you have an interest in learning what it's like to work in the software field we would love to provide you with that opportunity.

​Daily Life of Uplift Interns

  • You will be building software alongside one (or more) of
    our experienced
    software developers 

  • You will be expected to participate in agile ceremonies (Stand-ups, retros, refinement, etc). 

  • You will be expected to execute katas to help improve specific skills (TDD, Refactoring, Pairing) 

  • Katas are short (1 hour max) exercises to target improving a specific skillset. These will be one way for us to provide feedback and growth to our interns 

​The Uplift Difference


Our team of software developers have been practicing and learning to use extreme programming (XP) practices in every environment we have worked. XP is where TDD, pair programming, continuous integration, and many other programming practices have come from. Our team is building products that run in the cloud, on mobile devices, and on embedded devices. We pair our development team's expertise with user experience designers and architects so that we are confident that we are building something valuable. To make sure that we all stay on track we have a great team of delivery leads that keep us all focused on delivering the most important pieces of our applications.

Reach out today

We are excited to meet you! Please share links to your Github, LinkedIn, or website so we can learn a bit about you. Or drop a note to introduce yourself. Then, we’ll be in touch.

Thanks for your message!

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