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  • Kelley McManus

One month into Uplift Delivery

Tomorrow is Uplift's 1-month anniversary! (I’d post tomorrow, but I am off to hang in Montana with my family … SO EXCITED!!!)

What has happened in a month?

  1. I have been adopted into Professional Project Partners, Inc. (P3). At least I think so, they haven’t tried to send me back yet 😊.

  2. We have established our first project

  3. Created a new group that will be hosting some local events (can’t wait!!)

  4. Made a list of new friends, and have been able to dust off some old friendships

  5. I still miss my Pillar/Accenture team daily.

This one month journey has given me so much energy, and made me genuinely HAPPY!

Proof: I was sitting at Starbucks on Locust Street waiting to meet someone, and this man came to me and handed me a card that said, “Thank You For Smiling” and then handed me another card and asked that I share with someone else.

I know he does this to many people, but to me that was such a reward! I was sitting by myself and just smiling as I was working. It is real, happiness is contagious!! Be Happy, take risks, reconnect, meet new people!



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